Accompanying our clients' and candidates’ journey.

Executive Search
We fill management positions in all industries and top class specialist positions in accordance with our consulting approach – individual solutions for individual clients – in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

Besides intensive care for clients and candidates, marked by confidence, competence and esteem, continuous quality assurance from our point of view requires a fully inhouse-based realization of the complete search process. We therefore work exclusively with our own research and back-office teams – which guarantees competent, efficient and transparent project management for each assignment.

We also offer established procedures in the field of diagnostics (assessments), according to customer preferences and individual agreements.

Our long-term, intensive and trustful cooperation with decision-makers from very different branches and industries has shown to us, that interesting and interested personalities highly appreciate "a mutual exchange at eye-level" beyond their own daily management and business routine, and in this context we offer a platform allowing an ambitious and sophisticated dialogue, which in more general networking events is often not achieved to a full extent.

We therefore issue target-oriented invitations to small groups of managers and executives in the context of our "management circles". These events are meant to provide impetus for a challenging mutual dialogue, for broadening horizons and for gaining new perspectives.

Based on the expertise of participants from different branches and industries and with different points of view – but always with equally high expectations towards this dialogue topics and trends both related to General Management and to special areas, such as Sales, Marketing and Human Resources, are discussed in inspiring environments.

Just as in our Executive Search business we are committed to bringing together "the right people at the right time" into these management circles as well.